A Life Full of Adventure at Solstice 

Experiences and outings you can enjoy as a Solstice resident 

Here at Solstice, we know how important it is to create an engaging and entertaining community for our residents. Our Vibrant Life® program allows residents to create their own schedules and participate in monthly activities and outings based on their individual interests and routines.  

Vibrant Life® at Solstice encourages connection, promotes wellness and inspires seniors’ adventurous side. When residents want to explore outside the walls of Solstice, we have the solutions. 

Traveling is a great way to make new friends and change up daily routines, and Solstice makes it easy to take part. Each community plans monthly activity calendars and travel opportunities. Residents can participate in as many or as few of these travel opportunities as they want. Some of the outings offered at Solstice include: 

  • Shopping trips – Residents can take group shopping trips to their favorite local stores to run errands or to leisurely shop. Some of these favorite destinations include Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, and local stores and shops. 
  • Restaurants – Visiting local restaurants is a great way to experience new cuisine and get out in the community.  
  • Local and state parks – Looking for something outdoors? Taking a trip to a local or state park allows residents to adventure outside and spend time with friends. 
  • Exploring the scenery of your local city – Participating in a city group tour is an easy and entertaining way to explore outside of the Solstice communities. Residents and staff can hop on a bus and ride around their city to take in the beautiful scenery and landscapes. 

While traveling is a fun opportunity to try something new, health and safety are always Solstice’s No. 1 priority. Here are some tips to make sure Solstice outings are enjoyable and safe: 

Wash hands regularly – Washing your hands combats bacteria and viruses you may encounter while traveling. Make sure to wash your hands before eating and before touching the eyes, nose and mouth areas. Pro tip: Residents should pack hand sanitizer with them on outings in case there isn’t access to wash their hands. 

Make sure to rest – Remember to get plenty of rest (at least seven to nine hours of sleep) the night before an outing. This will ensure residents have energy to experience all the fun! Also, make sure to set aside time to rest and recharge upon arriving home. 

Interested in learning more about outings for residents at Solstice? Learn more about our Vibrant Life® program and how the abundance of opportunities can connect our residents to family, friends and the community.