Compliments to the Chef 

Food plays a pivotal role in everyday life, unifying individuals and cultures through shared experiences, cherished traditions and lively celebrations. It serves as the centerpiece for holiday gatherings and special occasions.

National Culinarians Day, celebrated on July 25, commemorates the professionals behind great food and recognizes their passion, skill and dedication to culinary arts.

At Solstice, we appreciate the essential roles of each communities’ Culinary Services Director and culinary team members in creating flavorful menus and ultimate dining experiences for our residents through our Elevate® dining program.

We thank our culinarians for all their hard work and admire their delicious masterpieces. Let’s compliment our culinary teams by sharing rave reviews and showcasing their delicious creations.

“I had the privilege of attending an activity at Solstice for Mother’s Day. It was a very fun-filled experience. Now the food … I travel for work and am fed at many seminars and meetings. I have never had food as terrific. My aunt and I were stuffed with the best prime rib, potatoes, grilled vegetables, salads and desserts … unbelievably wonderful food. My Aunt says the food is always delicious! She says she’s always well-fed and loves the meals.” – Family member of Solstice resident

“The food is very good. It’s nice and they give you good variety; it’s not the same food all the time. We get breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a salad bar where you can get salads, and they give out fruits. Plus, they have the best chocolate chip cookies you could eat.” – Solstice resident

“My mom really enjoys being seated with different residents at mealtime, which has enabled her to greatly expand her group of friends. Speaking of mealtimes, the food is fabulous! While my mom very much enjoys the independence of her own apartment with a full kitchen, she loves that she doesn’t have to cook and can just stroll down to the dining room for a good meal. We’re ecstatic that she’s eating better again [and eating] proper, well-balanced meals.” – Family member of Solstice resident

Hats off to our Culinary Services Directors! We are truly thankful for all that you and your team do.