Embracing the Value of Proximity: 5 Reasons To Move Closer to Family

As we journey through life, our family’s significance deepens, providing essential love and support through trials and triumphs. In fact, later-life relationships with adult children are second only to marital relationships with impact on mental health (Lee & Szinovacz, 2016). Yet, when distance separates us, we miss out on the everyday joys and crucial assistance these relationships often provide.

Grandmother's Birthday Party

Recent research from the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research underscores the pivotal role family ties play in the mental well-being and social engagement of older adults. From cherished moments shared around the dinner table to the reassurance of knowing family is there in times of crisis, the benefits of proximity to family are immeasurable.
Here are five compelling reasons to consider relocating closer to family:

  1. Strengthen Bonds: Actively engage in the lives of loved ones, witnessing and guiding younger generations through life’s milestones. Family networks play an important part in the residential satisfaction and well-being of older adults.
  2. Enhanced Support: Enjoy easier access to assistance during health crises or emergencies, knowing family is nearby. Geographic proximity to family members increases the chances of family contact and support exchange.
  3. Richer Connections: Cultivate a sense of belonging by participating in shared experiences, traditions and holidays, strengthening familial ties.
  4. Alleviate Isolation: Combat loneliness with the companionship of nearby family members, finding solace in a built-in support system.
  5. Practical Benefits: Save time and money on travel, enjoying the convenience of attending family gatherings without the burden of long-distance journeys.
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