Happy Mother’s Day! Advice from Solstice Moms

Mother’s Day is a dedicated Sunday each year for us to take a moment and applaud all the women who have dedicated their lives to enrich ours. 

We asked our Solstice residents for the best pieces of advice that they’ve given as a mom or have heard from their mom. Happy Mother’s Day! 

“Just listen to Mom. She’s usually right, and knows best. She has been through everything already.” – Theresa S., Solstice at Groton 

“Patience … and earn their trust. Once you have that don’t lose it. It is important they have someone to talk to.” – Margaret W., Solstice at Groton 

“Best part of being a mom is just having your daughter around! Then having your grandchildren around.” – Rosie K., Solstice at Groton

“Raising 3 sons and being so proud of them – Most of the time …” – Marie O., Solstice at Groton 

“Raise them and teach them right from wrong. My children didn’t give me any problems.” – Virginia R., Solstice at Groton

“Be kind to your kids. This will teach them kindness. This is the Golden Rule.” – Velora D., Solstice at Groton

“It’s all about the love.” – Ellen S., Solstice at Groton

“Kiss your kids every day.” – Robin G., Solstice at Groton

“Keep God in your life daily, pray and spend time in scripture.” – Agnes R., Solstice at Bellingham

“Be kind to everyone, no matter how they treat you.” – Mikie P., Solstice at Bellingham

“You need to respect your elders and treat them kindly. Love everyone!” – Genevive A., Solstice at Bellingham

“Eat your spinach and pick your clothes up off the floor.” – Eileen, Solstice at Kennewick

“Keep smiling.” – Barb G., Solstice at Kennewick

“Be nice to others and stay out of trouble.” – Barb D, Solstice at Kennewick

“Enjoy your children while they are growing up and still with you. They will be gone when they are older and you will have missed the best part of their earlier lives.” – Gene Anne S., Solstice at Guilford

“Treat your children with love and courtesy. They do not belong to you, they are only on loan!” – Catherine W., Solstice at Guilford

“You don’t always get what you think you need, but you always get what you do need. Thanks be to God for that!” – Eleanor C., Solstice at Guilford

“If you can’t say anything good about a person, don’t say anything!” – Lenore T., Solstice at Guilford

“Love your children, protect them but above all else, teach them right from wrong and pray that their future will be bright and happy with the love and help from God.” – Eleanor C., Solstice at Guilford

“Always check on your neighbor to make sure they are okay. Enjoy life with your family and last but not least, honor your mother as long as she is alive.” – Carmela S., Solstice at Guilford

“Treat your children like you want to be treated.” – Pauline T., Solstice at Guilford

“That’s when I learned to model the behavior I expect of my children. Please nurture them with unconditional love.” – Rosa M., Solstice at Guilford

“My mother used to say, and this is what I passed unto my children and my children’s children, ‘it could have been worse’. Thanks for loving and understanding me, mom, I wish you were here.” – Rosalie K., Solstice at Guilford

“When in need of advice, talk to your own mother, she’s been there and done that.” – Jean C., Solstice at Guilford

“Some people have the gift of turning nice thoughts into deeds. I have always felt there was an art to giving, especially when you give of yourself.” – Selma I., Solstice at Guilford

“This is a helpful hint that was passed on to me by my grandmother and by me to my daughter and now she has passed it onto her daughter: if one has difficulty in opening a glass jar or bottle, run hot water in your sink holding the jar or bottle to warm it. BINGO, it will open very easily!” – Bess W., Solstice at Guilford 

“Always have hope, laugh and sing once a day. Make it happen!”– Judith W., Solstice at Guilford 

“Listen to each other.” – Lilliam B., Solstice at Palatine

“Be patient. Enjoy your kids, they grow up too fast.” – Elizabeth W., Solstice at Palatine

“Don’t forget your husband! You always need a date night.” – Janet R., Solstice at Palatine

“Try very hard to not have a favorite child.” – Janet R., Solstice at Palatine

“Say what you mean and mean what you say.”– Mary G., Solstice at Palatine

“Don’t do everything your husband tells you to do!” – Jean S., Solstice at East Amherst

“Love your child and take care of them.” – Jean L., Solstice at East Amherst

“Listen to your children.” – Charlene G., Solstice at East Amherst

“My kids always keep my mind going.” – Mary C., Solstice at East Amherst

“Patience is a virtue.” – Sue S., Solstice at East Amherst

“Watch your children as they play with each other, this way you can make sure they get along!” – Mary A., Solstice at East Amherst

“Having children is the most rewarding gift.” – Ann B., Solstice at East Amherst

“Be considerate.” – Blanch W., Solstice at East Amherst

“Keep an open mind and a positive attitude!” – Dorothy S., Solstice at East Amherst

“Unconditional love without a doubt!” – Janet G., Solstice at East Amherst

“Nothing in this world is better than being a mother.” – Margaret K., Solstice at East Amherst

“Enjoy every moment with your children because they grow so fast. Teach them to love, forgive and never go to bed angry. As long as they give it their best effort, that’s all that matters.” – Rachel W., Solstice at East Amherst

“Mother & Child – Not always eye to eye but always heart to heart.” – Solstice at Sun City West

“A Mother – Symbol of true love & friendship.” – Solstice at Sun City West

“A Mother holds her children’s hands for a moment but their hearts forever.” – Solstice at Sun City West 

“When children are young stay at home with them … and give them all the love that you can!” – Paula W., Solstice at Austin

“Take care of your kids and when they are big enough they will return the favor.” – Nancy K., Solstice at Austin

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a while, but their hearts forever!” – Miriam, Solstice at Austin

This year, make sure to call or write a letter to the important women in your life. 

Happy Mother’s Day!