Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our communities had a great time celebrating Valentine’s Day with fun crafts, delicious treats and activities. Check out our community celebrations below! 

Solstice at Palatine

At Solstice at Palatine, residents had a great time making Valentine’s Day crafts. 

Solstice at Groton

Residents enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate cart to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Solstice at Joliet

Associates passed out Valentine’s Day gift bags to each resident, including a crossword puzzle, candy and a rose.

Solstice at Plano

Our associates decked out party carts with Valentine’s Day decorations and went door-to-door passing out sweet treats to residents. 

Solstice at Rio Norte

Solstice at Rio Norte went all out and decorated the community with beautiful Valentine’s Day decorations, including a photo wall! 

Solstice at Bakersfield

Rotarians Jacqueline Alexander and Denise Haynes from the Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club reached out to Christopher Jones, who is also a Rotarian, to donate these BBRC handmade Valentine Gnomes to the residents at our community.  The ladies dropped them off and took a photo with Christopher and the Gnomes.  Thank you Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club for helping to make Valentine’s Day a little more festive for Solstice at Bakersfield.

Solstice at Point Defiance

Residents sent in copies of wedding photos and other photos with their loved ones, and our associates set up a beautiful wall of photos to share Solstice at Point Defiance’s love stories.