Senior Living Process

A step-by-step guide

Solstice is here to help you understand every step of the senior living process, feel confident in your decision and learn how to live well in a retirement community. 

Making the Move to Senior Living

We've created a step-by-step guide for those who are interested in learning more about the benefits of independent living or are preparing to talk with family and friends about making the move. 


Making the Decision

This e-book can help you identify the right questions to ask about senior living, how to communicate your needs and the value of experiencing a community.


Benefits of Senior Living

This e-book provides a deeper understanding of all the wonderful benefits of living independently, from wellness programs to social events, to dining services and more.


Finding the Right
Community for You

This e-book includes essential questions to ask when touring senior living communities and important factors to consider when choosing your next home. No two communities are alike, and what works for one person might not for the next. This guide will help you find the best fit for your next step.


Make Your New Space Feel Like Home

This e-book shares tips on how to personalize your space and make it fit your individual style and needs. Making the move to senior living is a great opportunity to redefine your space. At Solstice, we’re here to help make your new apartment feel like home.
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Celebrate With Your Community

This e-book explains how to take advantage of all the opportunities and amenities that independent living has to offer, from getting to know your neighbors to choosing a wellness program that fits your lifestyle, to finding your favorite meal in the dining room.
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Discover Your Path to Wellness

Our “Discover Your Path to Wellness” three-part series touches on Solstice’s three steppingstones to encourage wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Interested in learning more about how to take the first step toward your Path to Wellness at Solstice?  


One Challenge at a Time

This e-book shares the importance of exercising and engaging your brain, from feeding it a healthy diet to incorporating daily challenges, from reading to learning a new language to group activities and more. 


One Step at a Time

This e-book focuses on daily physical activity to support personal wellness journeys and rekindle a purposeful sense of well-being. It provides residents with opportunities to exercise daily, helping them reach their personal health goals one step at a time
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