Parents’ Day at Solstice

A day full of love and family fun 

Our residents recently celebrated National Parents’ Day by recognizing the wonderful parents of Solstice. They shared personal parenting advice and participated in a variety of family activities, including going on a trip, taking a walk, and making arts and crafts together. Residents’ children showed appreciation for their beloved parents and joined in on the fun.

We know our resident parents have seen it all and have lots of wisdom to share. Here is some of their favorite advice for fellow parents: 

“Enjoy every moment with your children because they grow so fast. Teach them to love, forgive and never go to bed angry. As long as they give it their best effort, that’s all that matters.”  – Rachel W., Solstice at East Amherst 

“Eat your spinach and pick your clothes up off the floor.” – Eileen, Solstice at Kennewick 

“Family is where it’s at. When things go bad, it’s your family that will be there to help. Also, always make sure to tell the truth.” – Marty Sullivan, Solstice at Groton 

“Always be loyal and show LOVE to your children and ALL!” – Lee, Solstice at East Amherst 

On top of appreciating the wise words from residents, Solstice also loves when residents’ loved ones come to visit. Residents always have a blast visiting their children and other loved ones. Whether it’s going on a walk around the community or taking a day trip, Parents’ Day is every day at Solstice. Here’s some inspiration for your next visit: 

Take a short trip- Residents and their loved ones can have new, exciting adventures within their city. From walking through a community garden, visiting a museum, or treating themselves with a shopping trip. The possibilities are endless, and any trip is a great way to spend quality time with family. 

Get active- Gather the family for a walk around the community or on a local walking trail. This is a great way to exercise while also getting to enjoy quality time together. 

Arts and crafts- Residents can get their creative juices flowing and make something that they and their children can cherish forever. Create a scrapbook of favorite memories, paint a favorite landscape, or knit something warm together.  

We appreciate all the amazing parents at Solstice and everything they do for their families and our communities. Happy Parents’ Day!