Virtually Connected – Solstice Communities Use Technology To Stay Engaged and Healthy

This year has presented unique challenges for all of us, one of them being the increasing use of technology in all aspects of our daily lives. Our Solstice Senior Living communities have worked hard to use technology to connect residents with their loved ones and other residents, to have fun, and to stay healthy. From activities to tours to exercise, we’ve found fun ways to keep residents engaged. 


Due to travel restrictions, many residents who would usually see a doctor outside of the community are now able stay in their apartments and utilize telehealth services. With the help of our associates, residents are able to attend appointments via video calls on a laptop, tablet or cellphone. 

Family Visits 

While we were not able to accept visitors as we normally would at the communities, our associates have worked hard to help residents connect with their loved ones with phone and video calls. It makes a huge difference being able to see your loved ones when you are unable to see them in person. 

Community Events 

Our Vibrant Life directors work tirelessly to create fun and safe events for residents to enjoy. By using projection technology, residents were able to watch their favorite movies while outside and socially distanced. 

Our residents have also been able to take part in our new online exercise activity program called Go Senior Fitness. This program offers balance, strength and cardio activities virtually for residents to take part in alone or with other residents – socially distanced, of course! 

Two of our sister communities, Solstice at East Amherst and Solstice at Normandy Park, hosted a “coast-to-coast” dance-a-thon where residents and loved ones across the communities could dance together via Zoom. 

Virtual Tours

We are thrilled to offer virtual tours of our communities through video calls and prerecorded video tours. Our communities offer all resources for residents to live vibrantly on a daily basis. 
We work hard to find innovative solutions to keep residents happy and safe at all Solstice Senior Living communities. To find a community near you, visit