Pets as a Prescription for Healthy Aging: The Benefits of Senior Pet Ownership 

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Companionship with a loved one and regular social interaction with others can have great physical, emotional and psychological health benefits for seniors, and many studies have shown that seniors can gain the same benefits from owning a pet!  

Studies show that seniors who own or regularly interact with pets have decreased feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety, and are more likely to live longer, more fulfilling lives. And if that wasn’t enough, there are other benefits to owning a pet too:  

  • Companionship 
  • Stress relief 
  • A sense of responsibility and purpose  
  • An increase in physical activity  
  • Better heart health, lowered blood pressure and faster healing  
  • Social interactions with fellow pet lovers/owners 
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“Owning a pet has many benefits. Our pets become part of our family and provide us with companionship,” says Brenda Richy, National Director of Resident Programming. “Seniors who own pets are happier, feel less lonely and isolated and remain more active while providing care and taking walks with their pet.” 

Not only can pet ownership improve the life of seniors, but even interacting with animals can have the same benefits. The good news is Solstice Senior Living offers a variety of programming that brings pets into our community. So even if you are not able to own a pet yourself, you can still reap the benefits of animal interaction with your neighbors’ pets and animal companions. 

Lucky for you and your pet, all Solstice communities are pet friendly. We also host pet-friendly events throughout the year to celebrate your furry loved ones. Schedule a tour of a solstice community today!