How To Prepare for Flu Season

As we move into cooler weather and more people are spending time indoors, flu symptoms become more and more common. Studies have shown that people 65 years and older are at greater risk of serious complications from the flu. Stay safe this flu season using these five simple strategies.

Get a flu shot – While seasonal flu shots do not protect against all strains of the virus, the vaccine does trigger antibodies to develop in the body that then provide protection against that specific virus strain. We encourage all seniors to consult their physicians about getting a flu shot this year. Many senior living communities offer flu vaccination events so you won’t have to leave the community to get your shot!

Make sure to rest – If you are feeling under the weather, is it better to stay home and regain your strength. Staying in your room will also help prevent your sickness from spreading throughout the rest of the community. Taking time to rest will help your body recover more quickly! 

Clean your space – Make a habit of cleaning common surfaces (e.g., cabinets, countertops, tables, etc.) on a regular basis to help keep germs away. 

Wash your hands regularly – Washing your hands often doesn’t just help prevent the flu – it will help protect you from all kinds of germs and viruses. Use soap and warm water and scrub for at least 20 seconds. If you don’t have access to soap and water, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer will also do the job.

Maintain your immune system – Stay healthy and active! Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just help prevent illness, it also helps you feel your best. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of fluids, try to get between seven and nine hours of sleep, and exercise regularly.