Senior Independence Month: Benefits of Independent Living

February is National Senior Independence Month, and if you or a loved one is considering making the transition to a senior living community, there’s no better time to understand the benefits of an independent living community.  

At Solstice Senior Living, we empower older adults to be independent and seek a vibrant lifestyle. We focus on holistic wellness for our residents while providing opportunities for residents to stay fit, happy and healthy. 

Solstice Senior Living offers activities to inspire older adults to continue to live an active life. Residents can have a schedule filled with their interests, routines and abilities. For seniors who are active and looking to be a part of a dynamic community, through our Vibrant Life® program, our approach is to enrich residents’ lives with a personalized schedule and activities while in a safe environment.  

Here are some of the top benefits to joining a senior living community:   

  1. A Newfound Purpose in Life 

Our commitment to providing a vibrant life for seniors encourages a routine filled with customizable activities, joyful experiences, and connection between friends, family and the community.  

These meaningful activities provide seniors with a sense of purpose during retirement, something to look forward to and focus on. Research by the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago found that a sense of purpose can help seniors maintain health and wellness in older age.   

Whether they’re on a shopping trip to Walmart or Target, visiting a local restaurant, walking around a local park, or participating in a city group tour, residents can participate in as many activities as they would like. Maintaining a normal, active lifestyle is helpful in maintaining your independence.  

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  1. Physical Wellness  

Going on a daily walk, dancing to your favorite song and riding a bike are examples of various activities that benefit long-term health and aging. Each community offers a robust calendar of activities with opportunities to get moving daily.  

At Solstice, residents are provided with step trackers, walking paths in and around the communities, incentives for wellness certifications, and a variety of both individual and group exercise classes. We also offer a variety of unique fitness opportunities, such as chair yoga, the ‘Solstice Striders’ walking club and balloon volleyball.  

Residents are offered occupational and physical therapy services on-site as part of their care plan. By partnering with health care professionals, we can provide various levels of physical activities and accommodations based on individual ability. Getting the body moving is beneficial to combating aging, sleeping better and feeling more active. 

  1. Social Community  

Older adults who are more social and have meaningful friendships are less likely to have feelings of depression and anxiety and a longer life span.  

The Solstice community is a family made up of residents, associates and friends. By choosing to live in one of our communities, you will have many social opportunities. Not only is there a monthly calendar filled with social events, but the relationships are long lasting.  

By embracing these friendships, celebrating moments, talking, laughing and listening, you will feel more loved and appreciated in our community.  

Living independently is key to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. At Solstice Senior Living, we provide all these tools to help you maintain a purposeful, social and healthy lifestyle. Interested in learning more about how to take the first step toward your Path to Wellness at Solstice? Click here to learn more.   

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