Solstice at Corpus Christi hosted COVID-19-safe Hugging Booth

Solstice at Corpus Christi hosted a COVID-19-safe Hugging Booth on Saturday, Aug. 8. While the team at Solstice at Corpus Christi spearheaded the idea, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of local radio host Rex Gabriel. Gabriel hand-built the CDC-compliant structure over the course of 12 hours. Says Gabriel, “Being able to help a family get a hug when they haven’t had that hug in months and months just means the world to me.”

Executive Director of Solstice at Corpus Christi Michelle Kelm acknowledges that this Hugging Booth is more than just embracing human contact. She says it brings “hope for a better time, hope for a better place, for our residents and for their families … hope for our future, that this is not going to be our future forever.” Check out the clip below to see the Hugging Booth in action.