Solstice Resident is Livin’ the Dream

Joliet resident sitting with ED and VL at Solstice at Joliet

Carolyn M. is a resident at Solstice at Joliet. She currently serves as Resident Council President and is dedicated to improving the lives of residents as well as working with community staff. One of the staff members Carolyn works closely with is Executive Director Gavin Sym.  

As their relationship grew, Carolyn shared her fascinating story as one of the Air Force’s first female members, working with weather balloons. In one conversation, she mentioned her dream of going on a hot air balloon ride. That sparked an idea for the Executive Director: Why not make it happen through Solstice’s Livin’ the Dream program

Teaming up with Vibrant Life® Director Gloria Neal, Gavin decided to reach out to AARP’s “Wish of a Lifetime” program. They received the green light to make Carolyn’s dream come true. 

Gavin reflects on this opportunity: “I have never been prouder to be part of a company that seeks to improve the everyday lives of our seniors and takes the time to appreciate and recognize the individuals who make up our community.”   

“I’m so excited to check this off my bucket list!” Carolyn said. 

Thanks to Solstice and the generous support from AARP for allowing Carolyn to live her dream. Stay tuned for liftoff!