SSL Spotlight: Cristy Ballard

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are celebrating a few of our amazing female leaders at Solstice Senior Living. Up first is Cristy Ballard!

Cristy is the senior vice president of sales and marketing for Solstice Senior Living. With a passion to help families and their loved ones transition into senior living, she leads the sales and marketing operations for communities across the country. Cristy rose through the ranks of her career quickly, becoming a national director of a major company before turning 30. Throughout her career, she experienced a lot of challenges, and the lessons she learned from those tough moments gave her the tools needed to be a great leader today.

Cristy recently spoke about this experience at the 2021 Brandology Female Leadership Summit through a talk called “Don’t Sell Yourself Short.” During the presentation, she asked “What tools are in your toolbox for when times get tough?” For her, they include finding a support network, setting healthy boundaries, learning how to have difficult conversations professionally and knowing when it’s time to take a step back. Cristy’s final message to all women aspiring to do great things in their lives is to dream big because “your mind cannot even perceive or comprehend the possibilities that are at your fingertips.” 

Watch her full presentation here, and remember to ask yourself, what tools do you have ready to go during a challenge?