Celebrating Women’s History Month at Solstice Senior Living

As March unfolds, we embark on a journey of commemoration and reflection. It’s Women’s History Month – a time to pay homage to the remarkable women who have left an indelible mark on history, society and our lives. At Solstice, we take pride not only honoring the influential women who have shaped the world but also in celebrating the exceptional female leaders within our own company.  

From the corridors of history to the vibrant hallways of our communities, there’s a common thread – a story of resilience, courage and unyielding determination. Think about the women who have inspired you – those who broke barriers, challenged norms and made a difference. From fearless suffragettes who fought for voting rights to groundbreaking scientists and leaders who paved the way for progress, their stories are awe-inspiring. But the celebration doesn’t stop there. Here at Solstice Senior Living, we’re lucky to have incredible women leading the way. Meet a few of the female leaders at Solstice who bring passion, expertise and heart to everything they do.  

Sue Farrow

Sue Farrow, Founder of Solstice Senior Living, has over four decades of senior housing industry experience and is the driving force behind the highly skilled Solstice management team. Renowned for her operational expertise and leadership, Sue’s legacy includes founding the California Assisted Living Association (CALA). She continues to shape the industry with her unmatched dedication and acumen.

Collette Gray

Collette Gray, President and Chief Executive Officer at Solstice Senior Living, is a visionary leader who has shaped the senior living industry for over 28 years. Her dedication to excellence, advocacy for workforce development and commitment to fostering a culture of innovation make her a true trailblazer. In recognition of her contributions, she was honored in the Hall of Honor at the 2023 McKnight’s Senior Living Women of Distinction Forum and Awards ceremony.

Jennifer Ferrer

Jennifer Ferrer, Chief Financial Officer at Solstice Senior Living, illuminates the essence of Women’s History Month with her remarkable journey spanning over 15 years in finance and accounting. Her trailblazing leadership underscores the invaluable role of women in shaping the financial landscape at SSL. Jennifer’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity and excellence serves as a beacon, inspiring others and highlighting the significant contributions of women in senior positions.

Cristy Ballard

Cristy Ballard, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Solstice, brings over 20 years of dedicated service to seniors. Since joining in 2018, she’s enhanced company programs, trained teams and passionately guided families on their senior living journey. Cristy’s commitment to enriching lives underscores her invaluable contribution to our mission.

To showcase the diverse talents of women who have made significant contributions to Solstice, we’re proud to highlight a few more of our influential leaders:

  • Cathy Battles – Vice President of Human Resources
  • Tina Schachter – Vice President of Talent and Training
  • Essie Noble – Regional Vice President of Operations
  • Brenda Richy – National Director of Resident Engagement
  • Karen Hall – Regional Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Laurel O’Dell – Regional Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Amy Robinson – National Vice President of Culinary Services
  • Mary Benoist – National Sales Specialist
  • Michelle Moreland – Senior Living Specialist
  • Niccole Eye – Senior Living Specialist
  • Ellie Morin – Executive Assistant to COO Steve Flynt
  • Tammy Stewart – Regional Vice President of Human Resources
  • Angela Mogensen – Regional Director of Human Resources
  • Mia Credle – Divisional Sales Specialist

At Solstice, we are privileged to have these exceptional women as part of our team, driving innovation, fostering inclusivity and enriching the lives of those we serve. Let’s continue to uplift and empower each other, recognizing that our collective strength knows no bounds. Together let’s write the next chapter of history, where the voices and contributions of women are celebrated, valued and embraced every day. Happy Women’s History Month!

To learn more about Solstice, visit https://solsticeseniorliving.com/.