Friendship Month: You’ve Got a Friend in Me


This September, we celebrate Friendship Month, a time to appreciate and celebrate the friends you hold near and dear to your heart. Friendship is a timeless connection that brings joy, laughter and comfort to people all over the world, and especially in Solstice Senior Living communities.

Friendship is a valuable and meaningful aspect of life that should be acknowledged and celebrated this month and every month. Old or new, true friends are there when you need them, ready to celebrate your successes and console you during difficult times.

Making friends can greatly enhance your quality of life and create a sense of belonging. Below are a few ways we encourage residents to create friendships and connections.

Participate in our Vibrant Life® activities program
Vibrant Life® is designed for residents to create their own schedules and connect with others. Each month, our Vibrant Life® directors create activities for residents, from relationship-building to physical exercises, learning a new skill, exploring new places and so much more.

Share a meal
During mealtimes, sitting with other residents and sharing a meal together creates a welcoming and social environment. This is an opportunity for residents to actively engage in conversations and build a sense of trust, ultimately fostering new friendships.

Get out on the town
Each of our communities provides local outings to shops, restaurants, museums and more to allow our residents to learn more about their area. Residents are not required to attend; but we encourage all to participate, meet new friends and cultivate new memories.

Utilize common areas
It’s easy to form a habit of staying in your own living space. We encourage residents to spend time in social spaces, such as a game room, theater, lounge, library or outdoor patio. These common spaces create a natural gathering point where individuals with shared interests can easily interact and make friendships.

Introduce yourself
Whether you’ve lived in a community for five days or five years, it’s important to take the initiative and introduce yourself to your neighbors. A friendly introduction can go a long way for future friendships.

Be patient
Building strong, meaningful relationships takes time. Once you move to senior living or a new community, don’t be discouraged if you don’t make friends right away. Be patient and confident in yourself, and trust that you will find your people.


At Solstice, we are committed to supporting and encouraging connections among residents. Friendship offers support, happiness and a sense of belonging that contributes to our overall well-being. This month at Solstice, we are spending time with new and old friends. Join us by doing the same in your community!

To learn more about our community outings and events, check out our Vibrant Life® activities program.