Healthy Aging: How To Stay on Top During Your Golden Years 

There are many factors that contribute to healthy aging, including diet, lifestyle and genetics. Daily activities such as riding your bike or going for a walk can increase your overall health tremendously, especially when you pair this with a great diet. Genetics can play a part and, unfortunately, is unavoidable. However, your mindset and developing healthy habits can make all the difference.  

A psychosocial theory developed by Robert J. Havinghurst, called the “activity theory,” suggests that you can age successfully by continuing to engage in meaningful activities. This is the mindset that shapes how Solstice develops all of their communities and programs.  

You can age well by combining a positive state of mind with a focus on your physical and mental health. Many activities incorporate all of these elements and allow you to pursue your passions. These activities can include a pickleball game every week or playing your neighbor in a friendly game of chess. It may not always be possible to stay engaged in the physical activities that you would like to, but there are still fun and engaging ways to stay healthy. Here are some tips to stay healthy and on top of your game:  

A place to call home 

A primary goal for most seniors is to maintain their independence and live their life to the fullest. Staying in your current home while performing all the necessary upkeep can be difficult. Solstice Senior Living is a secure place to live that specializes in the management of all-inclusive senior independent living communities, by providing exceptional amenities, award-winning programs, chef-prepared meals and expert care. Here you can maintain your independence and lift the burden of managing a residence yourself.  

Being comfortable in your space 

Once you’ve chosen a place to live, take the time to assess and make sure it is suitable for all of your needs. Being comfortable in your own space is critical to maintaining a positive mindset and aging healthy. Independent living communities offer accommodation to make your living space more accessible and cozy.  

Discovering connection through technology 

Solstice Senior Living also has many options to keep you connected to your peers and the outside world, such as our Vibrant Life® program, which hosts optional outings where residents create their own schedule based on their interests, preferences, routines and abilities. Another vital way to stay connected is through technology, such as computers, tablets and cellphones that come in a variety of sizes, types, costs and accessibility features that can keep you connected and updated with the outside world. According to one study, over 30% of elderly people who use the internet could reduce their chances of developing depression. 

Staying connected to others 

A study from the University of Chicago showed that social isolation puts seniors at a higher risk of high blood pressure and death from stroke or heart disease. Another from the University of California, San Francisco, showed that people over the age of 60 who identified as lonely have trouble with basic tasks and showed a 45% greater risk of dying earlier. In senior living communities, seniors have the opportunity to connect with others on a daily basis in central gathering spots, whether it be a dining room, game table or salon. Nurturing these connections by developing a group of friends and connection with family is important to maintain healthy aging.  

Overall, healthy aging is all about optimizing your environment for independence while maintaining the ability to do the things you love. Following these tips and finding a great community near you can help ensure successful healthy aging that pays off for years in the future. To learn more about the ways Solstice helps keep residents happy and engaged, visit