May Is Older Americans Month

Solstice’s residents put a smile on our faces every day and offer the best advice. In celebration of Older Americans Month, we asked our residents to submit some life lessons and their favorite experiences over the years! Check out their answers below. 

“I wouldn’t change a thing in my life. All of it brought me to where I am today. As we age, things change and we adjust, but I will always cherish the experience of raising my children.” – Pat C.  

“Moving to this country from Italy was the best decision in my life. I love this country and all of the opportunities in it.” – Josephine P.  

“The best part of my life has been becoming a mother to my four children. When I was diagnosed with cancer, it made it even clearer to me how blessed I am to have my family.” – Ellie B.  

“I have been successful in my life because I believe in myself.” – Jean L.  

“Don’t complain. No one wants to hear it. Be HAPPY.”  – Joan S.

“Growing up in England during WWII as a child taught me to appreciate everything I have. God has been with me every step of the way.”  – Mary S.

“Just keep going and make the absolute BEST of your life.” – Jean M.  

“Try to meet the right person to spend your life with. When I met my husband, we hit it off right away. I never looked back.” – Betty S.  

“Stop trying to save the world, learn to be useful. Learn that patience is the kindest gift you can give yourself.” – Jack 

“Friendships are key, but know that relationships need patience. Accept people for who they are!” – Marie

“My father served in the U.S. Foreign Legion Service, so I was able to travel the world and live in foreign countries growing up. I learned that people are people and everybody should be treated equally.” – Sandy

“Exercise! You may not always be successful, but make an attempt!” – Marie