This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for you! 

As our communities gear up for their Thanksgiving celebrations, we remember the joy, love and sense of togetherness that make Solstice truly special. At Solstice, we believe in the importance of Thanksgiving traditions and fun activities to get into the holiday spirit.

Solstice Senior Living Thanksgiving meal

Memory Sharing
We encourage our residents to share their cherished Thanksgiving memories with one another. Join a storytelling circle, taking turns sharing what makes your Thanksgiving celebration unique and special. We also invite residents to bring along any mementoes, photos or tangible items that hold a special place in their heart.

Festive Crafts
Unleash your creativity this Thanksgiving and create Thanksgiving-themed decorations, or make table centerpieces, place cards or decorative banners. These crafts will allow our residents to transform the community space into a festive environment.

Expressing Gratitude
Additionally, we invite residents to express their gratitude by contributing heartfelt notes to a communal gratitude jar or poster board. For a heartwarming activity, read these notes during the Thanksgiving celebration at your community.

Traditions to Table
Solstice Senior Living encourages residents to bring their signature recipes to our chefs and participate in our ‘Traditions to Table’ program. This program allows the rest of the community a glimpse into your cherished culinary memories. At Solstice Senior Living, we even have our own cookbook available for download! Learn more about the Elevate® dining program offered at each of our communities.

To all our Solstice residents and staff members, we wish you a warm and heartfelt Thanksgiving celebration filled with love, laughter and joy. Happy Thanksgiving!